Grammy Winners for Best Album Covers from 1958 to 1969

I’ve never really paid much attention to the Grammy’s. The whole spectacle is not my cup of tea. So I was surprised to find out that they’ve given an award for “best album cover” since 1959. The description of the award has changed over the years (as music genres and technologies evolved) — it’s now broken into two categories: Best Recording Package and Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package. But the relevancy of the award (even in 1959) and how it helped connect the listener with the musician(s) cannot be understated.

Below are the winners from 1959-1969. Stay tuned for 1970-1989.


1958 (Best Album Cover)

“Only The Lonely”
Frank Sinatra, art director



1959 (Best Album Cover)

“Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5”
Robert M. Jones, art director




1960 (Best Album Cover)

“Latin ala Lee!”
Marvin Schwartz, art director




1961 (Best Album Cover – Classical)

“Puccini: Madame Butterfly”
Marvin Schwartz, art director



1961 (Best Album Cover – Other Than Classical)

“Judy At Carnegie Hall”
Jim Silke, art director




1962 (Best Album Cover – Classical)

“The Intimate Bach”
Marvin Schwartz, art director



1962 (Best Album Cover – Other Than Classical)

“Lena…Lovely And Alive”
Robert M. Jones, art director




1962 (Best Album Cover – Classical)

“Puccini: Madama Butterfly”
Robert M. Jones, art director



1963 (Best Album Cover – Other Than Classical)

“The Barbra Streisand Album”
John Berg, art director




1964 (Best Album Cover – Classical)

“Saint-Saens: Carnival Of The Animals/Britten: Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra”
Robert M. Jones, art director. Jan Balet, graphic artist



1964 (Best Album Cover – Other Than Classical)

Bob (Robert) Cato, art director. Don Bronstein, photographer




1965 (Best Album Cover – Photography)

“Jazz Suite On The Mass Texts”
Robert M. Jones, art director. Ken Whitmore, photographer.



1965 (Best Album Cover – Graphic Arts)

“Bartók: Concerto No. 2 For Violin/Stravinsky: Concerto For Violin”
George Estes, art director. James Alexander, graphic artist.




1966 (Best Album Cover – Photography)

“Confessions Of A Broken Man”Robert M. Jones, art director. Les Leverette, photographer. 



1966 (Best Album Cover – Graphic Arts)

Klaus Voormann, graphic artist.




1967 (Best Album Cover – Photography)

“Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits”
Bob (Robert) Cato & John Berg, art directors. Roland Scherman, photographer.

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits


1967 (Best Album Cover – Photography)

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
Jann Haworth & Peter Blake, art directors.

Sgt Peppers



1968 (Best Album Cover)

John Berg & Richard Mantel, art directors. Horn Grinner Studios, photographer.




1969 (Best Album Cover)

“America The Beautiful”
David Stahlberg & Evelyn J. Kelbish, graphic artists.


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